Serving Kids Impacted By Foster Care

Royal Family KIDS and Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Our Commitment

For the past two decades, we have had the honor of leading Royal Family KIDS Camp and Mentoring Program for students ages 7-11, whose lives have been impacted by foster care. With so many parts of these kids' lives being in flux, we believe the Lord has given us the opportunity to be a consistent source of encouragement and Christlike love.

We are grateful for how we have been able to serve, but we always knew we wanted the opportunity to continue to be involved in the lives of our campers after they turned 12. In 2022, we expanded our ministry by launching Teen Reach Adventure Camp to serve for at-risk youth, ages 12-15. In fall 2023, we will launched TRAClife, the year-long mentorship program offered to the youth who attend TRAC.

Royal Family KIDS Camp

At Royal Family KIDS Camp we dedicate a week to love on kids whose reality is foster care.  This is a week where we build memories through fun activities like fishing, swimming, singing, hiking, a huge birthday party, Bible stories, and so much more.  Every aspect of this camp is designed specifically for our campers. Each camper is paired with a counselor and each counselor has no more than 2 campers. Building relationships, making memories, and having fun is what we do and it’s a week everyone remembers!  The deadline for volunteer applications is May 31.

Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC) is specifically designed to provide hope and a future to at-risk youth ages 12-15 years old through a weekend summer camp.  Campers have the opportunity to experience life-change as they engage in team building exercise, develop positive friendships, and partake in fun activities that emphasize self-value, teamwork, and personal success.  While boys and girls attend separate weekend camps, our staff team is composed of both female and male adult volunteers. The deadline for volunteer  applications is May 31.

Important Dates

Royal Family KIDS Camp Dates

July 7-12, 2024


Training Dates

Monday, June 10, 6-9 PM

Tuesday, June 18, 6-9 PM

Saturday, June 29, 8-11 AM


Teen Reach Adventure Camp Dates

Boys Camp: August 8-August 11, 2024

Girls Camp: August 15-August 18, 2024


Training Dates

Saturday, June 29, 8 AM-12 PM

Monday, July 22, 5:30-9:30 PM

Make-up Training: Sunday, August 4, 12:30-4:30 PM

*New Volunteers need 8 hours of training


We look forward to serving with you this year. If you have any questions, please contact our Camp Directors.

Royal Family Kids

Kim Hopper

1-310-376-6555 ext. 146

Teen Reach Adventure Camp

Drew & Erika Hettinger and Paula Gooch

1-310-376-6555 ext. 144