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There is something captivating about walking into a new place where you don't know many people (or anyone at all) but then someone notices you and intentionally takes time to make you feel welcome. King's Harbor Church is a community of people looking to do just that. We are messy and imperfect, real and honest, flawed and unfinished. But—God has completely transformed our lives from the inside out, and for His glory, we want to share that with you.

Whether you grew up going to church or you’ve never stepped foot in one, we are so glad you’re here."

Easter at KHC

Easter is a reminder of the true story of Jesus’ victory over sin and all of its impact on the world. Whether you are a committed follower of Jesus or you are exploring faith, we hope this season of worship, reflection, and celebration will lead you to trust Jesus more.

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As followers of Christ, our lives are marked by obedience and surrender, not just moral behavior.

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