I was born and raised in the South Bay. I grew up in a Christian home but walked away from the Lord in my teens. Struggling with anxiety and ADHD, I grappled with identity and shame. This led to a dependence on drugs, alcohol, and abusive relationships. After a decade of running in my 20s, I tried to take my own life. The Lord used my failed attempt to draw me back to Himself. Praise God! He brought me to a place of finding music to connect with Him and others.

Since this reconnection, I have tripped, relapsed, and stumbled many times. But this time, I fell forward—into grace, into the kindness of Jesus, and found repentance to be my truest form of praise.

I was a part of planting a church in 2012 and met my wife Ana through this process. Actually, the first time I ever corporately led worship in 2010, Ana gave her life to the Lord (before Ana and I had met) during worship! I asked her to marry me two years later as we were leading worship at a little Methodist church in Lomita, California. She said yes, and now we have the privilege of raising our two beautiful and crazy boys together. Getting to be a husband and father are two of the greatest experiences of my life. I am grateful to serve Him, my family, and His people in any way the Lord sees fit.

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