I grew up in Torrance with my parents and three younger siblings, exploring and homeschooling with them and many other families. I was blessed to grow up in the church, but wrestled with my faith and living as God called me while I was in my teens. In order to impress a boy, I started reading the book of John at the age 16 and truly fell in love with Jesus! Praise the Lord for using anything and everything to lead us to Him! I soon after began attending King’s Harbor Church and youth group with my family.

Since that time, God has been drawing me closer and revealing more of Himself to me. I have continued to press into Him as He’s guided me and graciously taught me through various life adventures and stages, from college at Liberty University, to a career job at a fashion company, to solely sitting still in Him after my layoff, and then traveling for 8 months, including living in Spain for 3 months as a nanny. I can often be found switching from activities, like skydiving, to deep conversations with lots of laughter with friends, to dancing my heart out while line dancing. I love spending time with children, joining them in all their fun play and wonder of life, and especially teaching them about the love of Jesus! I am excited to poor into King’s Kids as I was poured into at King’s Harbor as I grew in my faith.

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