These classes aim to help build the biblical and theological foundation and cultivate the skills necessary to faithfully read and interpret the Scriptures, as well as to be able to think biblically and critically about the doctrinal or ethical questions of our day.
Exploring Christianity
Bible Study Basics


These classes are designed to set the stage for spiritual growth as we study various biblical books and topics with other believers focusing on how to walk these truths out in everyday life. Click on the titles below to learn the details about each class.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Women)
The Book of Genesis (Men)
Finding God Faith: A Study on the Life of Joseph (Women)
The Book of James


The classes are intended to equip each participant with both the biblical knowledge and skills necessary to serve and lead in a particular area of ministry. Click on the title below to learn the details about this class.

How to Engage in Holy Spirit Empowered Prayer Ministry