We're Designed to Live Life Together

From the very beginning, God intended for us to live life together. At King’s Harbor, we’re intentional about creating a deeply rooted community for people to feel at home. Gathering together gives us space to learn from each other and be equipped to further God’s kingdom, whether that looks like cooking a hot meal for a friend, studying scripture together, or serving the local community side-by-side.

Community Groups

Community groups are opportunities to delve into God’s word alongside your King’s Harbor family. As you meet regularly with the same group, we pray that you find a trusted circle of friends to go to in times of need and of joy. Our community groups often become like a second family, speaking truth into each other’s lives and empowering each other to passionately pursue the almighty God.


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In addition to coming together weekly, it’s important to us to gather as a whole church to enjoy what God is doing in our ministries. Whether we’re celebrating holidays together, baptizing new believers, or growing together in our spiritual disciplines, we love building traditions as a key part of strengthening the health of our church.


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Part of our responsibility as Christ-followers is to study God’s word consistently. This encourages us to know God more deeply, identify false teaching, and preach the gospel to others and to ourselves. Our classes aim to help build a biblical foundation and cultivate spiritual disciplines that strengthen us in our faith.

Classes take place on a seasonal schedule in the fall and spring.

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King's Kids

Raising children to know Christ in today’s culture is incredibly challenging. Parents are often met with a slew of tensions between the beliefs of this world and the truth of the gospel. The King’s Kids ministry is devoted to partnering with parents to help build strong spiritual foundations, inviting children up to 5th grade to know and love Jesus and preparing them to stand firm in their faith as they navigate the world.


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King's Students

Our King’s Students ministry is all about empowering our middle and high school students to embrace their relationships with Christ and spread the good news of the Gospel to their generation. Our weekly youth group meetings consist of studying God’s word, praying, worshiping, and serving together. As we do so, we help students to build friendships rooted in Christ that help them stand strong in their faith.


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