Born in Moore, Oklahoma, I am the youngest member of an immigrant family. Whether it is the stigma of being born of another culture, being the baby of the family, or just a natural inclination to compete, my childhood and adolescence became marked by the pressure to perform. I found value in proving myself better than others. My parents were faithful to the local church and made sure our family attended each weekend. However, as much as I was present in church, it quickly became another arena where I could perform.

During my sophomore year of high school, the Lord revealed Himself to my heart. Throughout a particular season of difficulty, the Lord exposed the hurt I felt from my lack of success in certain performances. In those moments, He extended to me forgiveness that I could not earn. While I received His offer of salvation, I continued to attempt to perform well enough to erase the debt I knew I owed.

It was by His grace that I met the love of my life, Sky. We’ve been married since February of 2012. In March of 2018, we had the privilege of welcoming our first son, Apollo. Our second son, Julius arrived in July of 2021.

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