Greg Riley

Facilities Manager

I was born in Santa Monica, California, and raised in Redondo Beach. I grew up thinking that my dad believed in God, but I didn’t see any fruit or a relationship with the Lord. My mother prayed with me as a little boy and explained to me that Jesus was her friend and her Lord and Savior. I would hear stories of the deep connection my mom and that side of the family had at St. Andrews in Redondo Beach. By the time I came along, the involvement had diminished. 

Throughout my life, I lived life on my own, not considering very often the idea of God, creation, sin, or the need for a savior. Life had ground me down pretty well. At age 50, I heard the testimony of a person whose life experiences had paralleled mine. She had a peace that I had worked so hard to achieve throughout my life. When I asked her how she found this peace, she gave glory to God. Within a month of that encounter, I would surrender my life to Christ and ask Him to be my Lord and Savior. I began attending King’s Harbor Church in 2008, and in 2012 I joined the staff of King’s Harbor.

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