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3/1/22 Elder Update: Masking Policy Update

Our services and events will be mask optional for fully vaccinated individuals as of today, March 1. [read more]

7/17/21 Elder Update: KHC Response to L.A. County Mask Mandate

Family,This past Thursday, our county released a new requirement for all individuals participating in indoor events to resume wearing a mask. As we have examined the decision and how it would affect our indoor services, we have decided to continue providing a mask optional environment at our... [read more]

6/15/21 Service updates beginning this Sunday, June 20

Family, A couple of weeks ago, we provided a survey to help determine which Torrance service would be mask optional, and which service would be mask required. Thanks for responding and sharing your voice with us. As a result of what you shared, our 9:00 a.m. service will be mask optional and... [read more]

5/28/21 Elder Update: Service Updates & Congregant Survey

Family, We wanted to provide the latest update in our gathering plans. Over the past few weeks, we have been doing our best to understand the changes in recommended guidelines from the CDC, our state, and our county.Here is the result of what we have learned- starting... [read more]

5/15/21 Elder Update: Recent CDC Mask & Distancing Recommendations

Family, This week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released new guidelines allowing fully vaccinated persons to operate in most situations without masks, except where federal, state, local or business regulations require it. We also heard this week that the state of California is... [read more]

4/29/21 Church Update: No More Pre-Registration for Services

Family, In our last update, pastor Mike referenced the recent changes being communicated by Governor Newsom that on June 15 there would be a significant lifting of restrictions placed on businesses and organizations as it pertains to Covid-19 safety protocols as more people are able... [read more]

4/13/21 Elder Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, There are a couple of things we wanted to cover in this update. First off, as we're now coming off of our Easter services and events, we want to take a moment to say thank you for the numerous ways many of you stepped into serving our congregation and for the joy in which you did... [read more]

3/18/21 Easter at KHC - Registration Opens Monday, March 22!

Family, Last week, we had the opportunity to share the news about returning to indoor services. In the video above, we share about the opportunities to worship and celebrate during Easter week. Here is a quick summary of the ways you can participate in Easter with us. Good Friday Friday... [read more]

3/11/21 Returning to Indoor Services on Sunday, March 28

Family, In our previous updates, we laid out a three-phase strategy for returning to indoor services and we’re excited to announce that we will be entering into Phase 3 on the final weekend of this month. Specifically, our first Sunday service back indoors will be Sunday, March 28... [read more]

2/2/21 Returning to Outdoor Services on Sunday, February 21

Family, At the beginning of the year, the surge of COVID-19 reached a critical state. Hospitals in LA County were reporting 0% ICU capacity and we were seeing record numbers of hospitalizations. In response to this, we pivoted to a three-phase strategy for how we would gather during... [read more]

1/21/21 Opportunities to Pray and Connect

Family, We wanted to provide you with a few updates and opportunities to continue to connect you in this season. Here are a few things you need to know:Gathering Strategy | Phase 1A couple of weeks ago, we shared our three-phase plan regarding gathering during the local surge of... [read more]

1/7/21 A Call to Prayer for our Nation

Family,  Yesterday’s invasion of the United States Capitol building was heart-wrenching. Beyond the initial shock and questions about how could the images playing out on our news feeds and televisions be real, the Church must point the world towards peace in the midst of this... [read more]

1/6/21 Responding to COVID-19 Surge - Reopening Strategy

Family,  Recently, we asked you to begin to pray with us as we tried to develop a strategy to respond to the surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in our county. Thank you for your prayers. On Monday night, we developed a three-phase plan for gathering in the days ahead and a... [read more]

12/30/20 Torrance services will be digital-only this weekend

Family, As we end this year, we want to update you regarding this upcoming weekend and invite you to pray with us as we navigate the next several weeks of services. As we shared last week, we found out that one of our volunteers, who served on Sunday, December 20, had tested positive for... [read more]

12/18/20 Elder Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, In the video above, you’ll hear more about two important things in the life of our church that we want to direct your attention to:Honoring Henry and Cindy KaneyHenry will complete his time as a staff member of KHC at the end of this year. We want to share two important... [read more]

11/13/20 Church on the Beach Relaunch

Family, It's good to be back from sabbatical! I plan to share more about my time away soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news about Church on the Beach (COTB). As you may have read in the previous Elder Update, we announced that we have received a permit to... [read more]

10/30/20 A Message From KHC Elders

Family, We trust that the Lord is keeping you close to himself! There is a lot going on in our country right now with an uptick in the coronavirus cases, next week’s election, and whatever you might be going through personally. We want to take a moment to encourage you in the... [read more]

10/16/20 A Message From KHC Elders


 As we move into the last quarter of the year, we continue to seek the Lord for wisdom and direction concerning our worship services and various ministries. It’s been so refreshing and life-giving to see your beautiful faces, although masked, during our on-site... [read more]

9/11/20 Elder Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, A couple of weeks ago, Jim, Ted, and Tom shared that I will be taking a sabbatical this fall. My time away begins this coming Monday, September 14. First and foremost, I just want to share how grateful I am for this gift. Many of you have reached out to my family with words of... [read more]

8/27/20 A Message From KHC Elders

Family, As we move into the fall, we wanted to share some exciting news for the next few months at King’s Harbor. It is a severe understatement to say that 2020 is a year that none of us could have planned for. But in the midst of all the challenges, the Lord has done so many great... [read more]

8/20/20 Thank you for joining us for our return to On-Site Services!

Family, It was wonderful to see you last Sunday! We are grateful for the spirit of unity and grace that each of you displayed as you joined us to worship together. We are also thankful for the patience you showed with technical challenges both online and in-person. Lastly, thank you for... [read more]

8/13/20 Preparing for Online & On-Site Servivces THIS Sunday!

Family, This Sunday, we will hold our first in-person service since March 8. Last week we shared details on what our online and on-site gatherings will look like. Just to review, if you plan to be with us on-site, remember: You must register prior to your arrival on Sunday.
 You... [read more]

8/7/20 On-Site Service Details

Family, Last week, we shared that we will begin hosting an outdoor gathering starting Sunday, August 16. We want to give details on how you can participate in services online or on-site in just a few days. Online ServicesSundays @ 9:00 and 11:15 a.m.At 9:00 a.m., we will have an... [read more]

7/31/20 Return to In-Person Services on Sunday, August 16

Family, We are excited to invite you to mark your calendars for Sunday, August 16 as our return date for an in-person gathering. Next week we will share some of the logistics and details, but in the video above, we just wanted to give you a broad overview of how we got to this... [read more]

7/17/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, This week’s announcement from Governor Newsom redirected our planning for a return to onsite gatherings. As we mentioned in a recent update, we have to become creative if we are going to gather in the near future. In the video above, we share some ways the Scriptures... [read more]

7/6/20 Re-Entry Update & Survey: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family,  We are trusting the Lord that you are safe and well as we continue to navigate the uncertainties of COVID-19. The update video above shares how we have been starting to plan for a return to in-person gatherings. We have been targeting an August return date, but we are also... [read more]

6/19/20 Re-Entry Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, We wanted to briefly update you on the topic of re-entry and invite you to pray with us at DWELL at Home on Sunday, June 28.Returning to In-Person GatheringsWe are eager to come back together soon. Recently we shared that we are looking at three markers to determine our... [read more]

5/28/20 Re-Entry Strategy: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, Last week we shared a video update discussing how the Scriptures are providing a foundation for our re-entry strategy. If you were unable to watch the entire video, you can view that segment here. We also wanted to provide you with a paper we wrote addressing the same topic called... [read more]

5/22/20 State of the Church Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, In the above video, we will share the details of our ministry realignment. We realize that in an attention economy, it is hard to present information in a lengthy format. However, we believe it is crucial to give you a detailed picture of our future. So while the video above is... [read more]

5/14/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, We miss you and look forward to the day when we can physically gather together again. The update video above is a piece of a larger conversation about how this season has brought to light a need for us to change the structure of our ministries. Briefly, I want to share in writing... [read more]

4/30/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family,  Over the past two weeks, the national and state conversation regarding reopening the economy has taken center stage. We wanted you to know that the Elders and Executive team are working through scenarios for returning to in-person gatherings. We are holding in tension our call... [read more]

4/24/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from KHC Elders

Family, We are continuing to pray for your safety and endurance during this season of quarantine. We wanted to give a quick update about how we are preparing for some of our annual summer events in light of the current safer-at-home orders.As you may know, the shelter in place orders were... [read more]

4/16/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, This week’s update is a reminder of God’s goodness in the middle of the mess. Good Friday and Easter Sunday were beautiful reminders that the Lord turns ashes to beauty, mourning to rejoicing, and that his mission is for us to be witnesses of the... [read more]

4/2/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, We want to briefly provide a few updates in response to the most recent COVID-19 developments as well as share about a few exciting opportunities we have ahead of us in the coming days.COVID-19 UpdateEarlier this week, the safer-at-home restrictions were extended through the end... [read more]

3/25/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, We want to briefly provide a few updates in response to the most recent COVID-19 developments.Upcoming EventsAs our local and state governments have increased protective regulations for our region, some of the events that are beyond our original timeline of March 31 have now been... [read more]

3/19/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, As Paul would start many of his letters, we are praying that the grace and peace of God have been tangible to you over the past several days. It has been unbelievable the stories of encouragement we have heard about how the body of Christ is loving one another during this season... [read more]

3/13/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike

Family, Thank you for your prayerful patience as we have prayed and sought wisdom from the Lord while paying attention to those who are thinking through public safety in the face of the coronavirus. At this time, in light of the directive from our Governor and Mayor, we believe it is most... [read more]

3/12/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from KHC Elders

Family, As mentioned this past weekend at our worship services, we are closely assessing and monitoring recommendations made by local authorities to businesses, churches, and K-12 schools in the Southbay regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus.We wanted to take a moment to discuss our current... [read more]