Outside Events

If you are interested in hosting an event or meeting at King's Harbor Church, fill out the short form below.  You will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of our King's Harbor Staff.  30 day advance notice is requested for most events.

Everything you need to know is contained in our KHC Facility Terms and Conditions. Before filling out the form, please click here to read the KHC Facility Terms and Conditions.

Questions?  Please contact Kim Hopper at .

Suggested Facility Donation

200+ people = $500

100-200 people = $350

50-100 people = $200

49 and under people = $100

Audio/Visual Fee

AV is available for your event if requested, however, KHC subcontracts this service out and there is $100 per hour fee that will be paid directly to sub contractor. AV will be charged for wedding day only, there is not an additional fee for rehearsal.

KHC Wedding Coordinator Fee

There is a $250 flat rate fee for our KHC wedding coordinator. This fee will be paid directly to the coordinator and includes the day of wedding as well as the rehearsal.

Insurance Requirements

All outside events (excluding funerals) require a Certificate of Liability insurance.  This is a requirement of KHC's insurance company.

Outside Event Form 

KHC Outside Event Form

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I have read and will abide by the KHC Facilities Terms and Conditions*