5/15/21 Elder Update: Recent CDC Mask & Distancing Recommendations


This week the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released new guidelines allowing fully vaccinated persons to operate in most situations without masks, except where federal, state, local or business regulations require it. We also heard this week that the state of California is looking at June 15 for a similar provision, while LA County has decided not to make any changes until after Thursday, May 20.

With three different sets of guidance and timelines, we thought it would be helpful to share our thoughts for how we will proceed in the short-term, while we devise a long-term plan for this next phase of recovery.

First, let’s thank the Lord for continued signs of improvement in our community and nation. Second, for this Sunday, May 16, we are going to continue to follow our masking and distancing protocols that we have utilized since returning indoors in late March. This is not our long-term direction. However, we remain committed to creating a safe and loving environment for all who attend KHC in person, and we felt that shifting our practices abruptly would be an obstacle to that.

This coming week our team will gather to discuss a plan to respond to this new guidance. We will provide a detailed update later in the week to explain our new safety guidelines.

One final note- last Sunday, our study of the book of Acts led us to a text that challenged us to deal with disagreement. We are aware that every development in our response to the pandemic creates opportunities for differences in opinion. We are asking the Spirit to protect our unity and keep us from falling into division because the pace of change in our safety guidelines is too fast or too slow. We recognize that some will feel frustrated that we are not removing masks and distancing immediately. Others may begin to face feelings of discomfort and fear as our safety protocols move us closer and closer to pre-pandemic conditions. There is space for both sets of opinions and emotions here. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this as another moment when we can embody humility and respond to one another with love.

Excited to celebrate new life, baptism, and the goodness of the Lord with you this weekend! 

Grace and peace,

- Pastor Mike (on behalf of KHC elders)

If you have any questions regarding this update, please email khcelders@kingsharbor.org.