5/14/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from Pastor Mike


We miss you and look forward to the day when we can physically gather together again. The update video above is a piece of a larger conversation about how this season has brought to light a need for us to change the structure of our ministries. Briefly, I want to share in writing a quick overview of the core functions we will align our staff and ministry practices around:

In next week’s update, we will spend time giving greater detail to the way that this transition will take shape, but in this update, we want to focus on some of the loss we are experiencing because of the decision to make these changes.

One of the unfortunate consequences of this season is that our facilities staff is not able to do many of their usual job functions because of diminished access to our physical location. While there are a few hours here and there, we have shared with them that we will only be able to offer them work on a per project basis for the foreseeable future. We offered them the opportunity to seek other positions or take advantage of other unemployment benefits if that made more sense for them in this season.

We are experiencing a second loss in this moment. This past week, we made the decision to transition Linda Barbara, Marcela Frost, and Jennie Weeks off of our staff. In the video above, we explain why we are sharing their names specifically, however it is important to state that we have their permission to share and we did not want to secretly shuffle them away. We love them dearly and want to be able to openly tell you that there were no moral or performance issues with any of these sisters. They are godly, humble, and hard-working, but as we had to put emphasis in new places, we were not able to discover roles for them that were compatible with our present needs. Allow us to dispel rumors or behind the scenes chatter that comes with tough decisions- this was not a financial decision. In the face of a global pandemic and stalled economy, the Lord has continued to provide for our church in astounding ways. This was not a decision made from momentary panic driven by numbers. This was a response to the changes needed to increase the effectiveness of our ministry.

We recognize that updates of this nature are heavy and because we have not described these changes in detail, somewhat unsatisfying. We will share more in a long-form update video next week about what this ministry realignment will entail, but we did not want to hide the difficult news of loss behind all this other information. We are leaning into this moment to grieve together with heavy, yet hopeful hearts. Continue to pray for us and one another. We love you.

Grace and Peace, 
Pastor Mike (on behalf of KHC elders and executive team)