4/24/20 COVID-19 Update: A Message from KHC Elders


We are continuing to pray for your safety and endurance during this season of quarantine. We wanted to give a quick update about how we are preparing for some of our annual summer events in light of the current safer-at-home orders.

As you may know, the shelter in place orders were recently extended through May 15. We have begun to build a plan that allows us to be prepared to execute some important events, but at the same time remain flexible enough to transition our plans, if needed. Our current game plan is to still host our Royal Family Kids Camp, Vacation Bible School, and Student Summer Camps this summer. We are still eager to have you serve in these ministry opportunities. If you are unfamiliar with either of these events, here’s a little more info about each one.

Royal Family KIDS Camp  |  July 5-10

Royal Family KIDS Camp provides an incredible week of fun, relationship, and discipleship for children, who have been displaced from their homes due to family crisis. Each year, we seek to give these kids the best week of their lives through celebrating them and creating special moments like birthday parties, while we are with them. If you want to learn more about how you can serve, visit kingsharbor.org/rfkc or contact  .

Vacation Bible School  |  July 27-31

Vacation Bible School is a week where we transform our entire campus into a themed venue to teach kids from our church and community the Gospel message. The day is full of worship, Bible lessons, skits, crafts and group learning experiences that are both fun and will engage children in the hope Jesus brings. If you want to learn more or join the VBS team, contact  .

Middle and High School Summer Camps  |  August 1-5
Each summer our students have a week to get away to focus on the Lord and their peer community as a launching pad into the school year. If you have a middle schooler or high schooler and would like more info about how they can attend camp, contact studentministry@kingsharbor.org.

Again, we are trying to live in the hope that we will be able to host these events, but we face the reality that these plans might have to change as the days unfold. We will keep you updated. Please be praying for wisdom and opportunity as we seek to love our community.

We love you and miss you deeply.

- KHC Elders and Executive Team