2/2/21 Returning to Outdoor Services on Sunday, February 21


At the beginning of the year, the surge of COVID-19 reached a critical state. Hospitals in LA County were reporting 0% ICU capacity and we were seeing record numbers of hospitalizations. In response to this, we pivoted to a three-phase strategy for how we would gather during this season. As a reminder, here are those phases:

  • In phase 1, all our gatherings would be digital-only. We would monitor the ICU capacity for 30 days and then reassess our next steps. The key metric for moving to the next phase is ICU capacity increasing to at least 7% for seven consecutive days.

  • In phase 2, we would resume our previous outdoor gatherings. The key metric for moving to the next phase is ICU capacity increasing to at least 15% for seven consecutive days.

  • In phase 3, we will return indoor gatherings in accordance with the safety guidelines at that time.

This weekend marks the end of the initial assessment period. As we have examined the information provided by local and state officials, we are seeing encouraging trends. While we have not hit the 7% threshold, estimates are that we will exceed this threshold by February 21. So unless numbers begin to trend back in a negative direction prior to that date, we are planning to move into Phase 2 starting Sunday, February 21.

PHASE 2 - Returning to Outdoor Services

On Sunday, February 21, we will return to services under the tent at both 9:00 and 11:15 am (we will also be streaming these services) as well as returning to Church on the Beach. With the addition of a second service in Torrance, our volunteer teams will have to grow. As we approach our return, here are ways you can help make that possible.


Continuing Our Care for Medical Workers

Last month, our Missions and Local Outreach Team adopted several of our local hospitals by providing care packages for their teams and we want to continue to serve them in the days ahead. Next week we will be providing another set of care packages and we're inviting and asking if you would be so kind to drop off boxes of individually packaged snacks by Monday, February 8 here at the church offices. Thank you for tangibly showing the love of Jesus to these frontline workers.

We are excited about the days ahead! See you on Sunday, February 21.

Grace and peace,
- Pastor Mike (on behalf of KHC elders)

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