1/6/21 Responding to COVID-19 Surge - Reopening Strategy


Recently, we asked you to begin to pray with us as we tried to develop a strategy to respond to the surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in our county. Thank you for your prayers. On Monday night, we developed a three-phase plan for gathering in the days ahead and a path to returning to indoor services. In the video above, we provide more detailed information about the information that impacted our decision. Below, we are providing a synopsis of our strategy.

Phase 1  |  Digital Gatherings Only
For the next 30 days, all gatherings (including our worship services in Torrance and Church on the Beach) and groups will be moving to digital venues. We could not ignore the crisis our local medical facilities are facing. If we are called to contend for our community’s welfare, we felt it was faithful to take this temporary measure to serve our community. After the initial 30 day period, we will re-evaluate our status. Here is the measurement we are looking for to transition to Phase 2- when county ICU capacity becomes 7% or greater for seven consecutive days, we will move into our next stage.

Phase 2  |  Resume All Outdoor Gathering
Once our local ICU capacity surpasses the 7% threshold for a full week, we will resume all outdoor gatherings. This includes:

The critical decision-making measurement for moving to the next phase will be the ICU capacity for our hospitals surpassing 15% for a sustained period of seven consecutive days.

Phase 3  |  Resume Indoor Gatherings Under Social Distancing and Capacity Guidelines
Contingent upon any current county limitations, we will have as many people indoors as we can safely. This will include:

Shepherding Well
In addition to the strategy for our gatherings, we recognize how hard this decision is. We hear the voices of those who have felt isolated and depleted in this season. We don’t just hear you, we feel that weight ourselves. We recognize that we have to do more than just provide a quality worship service online. Now more than ever, we have to be creative in how we create personal contact and human interaction.

First, forgive us for the ways we have missed this since March of last year. Second, we are committed to doing better. One of our goals during this season is to attempt to call every person who calls King’s Harbor home to pray with you and be near to you. Our elders are committing to partnering with our Community Groups staff to care for leaders and visit as many groups as we possibly can. During this time we are going to create opportunities to pray midweek and interact often. We missed this last time, and we are determined to improve.

Church, one of the greatest comforts from Scripture is that the Lord is near to us in hard seasons such as this. We are praying that the Lord causes us to flourish in the midst of this. With the Lord’s help, we can do this. We love you!

Grace and peace,
- Pastor Mike (on behalf of KHC elders)

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