11/13/20 Church on the Beach Relaunch


It's good to be back from sabbatical! I plan to share more about my time away soon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share some exciting news about Church on the Beach (COTB). As you may have read in the previous Elder Update, we announced that we have received a permit to begin hosting COTB again and that we're currently in the process of shaping what that will look like. As our team has continued to prayerfully consider what COTB could become, we've realized that we're not just reopening COTB, but we're relaunching it. This is more than semantics as it speaks to the intentionality behind the changes we look to implement. The first of these changes is that Jason Flentye will be bringing leadership and oversight to COTB. In the video above, you'll get to hear more from him directly about the vision to build on the good work the Lord has already begun in the previous 14 years of our COTB service and how you can best enter in as an opportunity to be on mission for the Lord. 

For those who may not have the time to watch the full video, we've provided a quick summary of the COTB relaunch below:

Want to get involved in serving with the COTB team? Contact Jason Flentye at .

Learn more about COTB at kingsharbor.org/cotb.

Grace and peace,
Mike Dsane

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