10/16/20 A Message From KHC Elders



As we move into the last quarter of the year, we continue to seek the Lord for wisdom and direction concerning our worship services and various ministries. It’s been so refreshing and life-giving to see your beautiful faces, although masked, during our on-site Sunday morning worship. We understand that while registering weekly for our outdoor service can be a bit redundant, we thank you for your willingness and support to stay the course. It helps us to prepare and serve those who are joining us for in-person worship. As you continue to join us on-site and online, we pray that you are encouraged by God’s word as we walk through the book of James together. 

As Elders, we regularly pray for who the Lord might raise up among us to help lead and shepherd this church and we are excited to share that we have identified a couple of elder candidates who are currently going through the examination process. As the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy concerning overseers/elders, “The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.” 1 Tim 3:1-2. We take this call seriously and our elder process is extremely in-depth both spiritually and personally and it takes time. We thank the Lord that we are very fortunate to have these faithful men of God who have hearts to care for, lead, teach, and protect our brothers and sisters at KHC. Please be in prayer for them and the current elders as well. 

We also want to continue to pray for Pastor Mike, Sky, and Apollo during his sabbatical. Though we miss his presence and teachings, let’s cover him and his family in prayer daily as we look forward to having them back in November. 

Some areas to cover in prayer:

Church, we’re in a very critical season as a nation and we want to encourage you to pray. There is widespread disunity, social unrest, and racial injustice in our land. We need to pray, pray, and pray some more! Pray for our country, our leaders, the church, and one another! In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we’re called to pray without ceasing. In Philippians 4:6, we’re called to not be anxious in anything but in everything by prayer and supplication, we’re to make our request known to God. There are many things we can’t control but the one thing we do have control over is how much we pray. And we are petitioning our God who is in complete control of all things. 
Some different groups we can be praying for specifically:
1st responders, law enforcement, medical personnel, those who are vulnerable, the sick and shut-in, the oppressed, the needy, those who don’t look like us, the marginalized, the polarized, and even our enemies! While praying, be open to the Holy Spirit. He may lead you to visit or call you to encourage them.  

Lastly, let’s pray that KHC would continue to display the love of the Lord with gospel-centered living and loving!

Peace and blessings,
Tom Sheck, on behalf of KHC Elders

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