Our approach to community groups is four-fold:


When we gather together regularly to share meals and stories, to laugh, worship, pray, and study the Bible, we experience a sense of belonging and commitment to one another. As we do this, we get to know and love each other more deeply, while growing in our knowledge of, and love for, God. This unifies us in Christ and exemplifies His love to the world around us.


At its root, the Christian life is about following and becoming more like Jesus, together. We call this discipleship. When we commit to living in community, our giftings are activated in such a way that allows us to build up each other with encouragement, accountability, and support. This matures us as the people of God and prepares us for the good works He's called us to do.


We pray for and pursue gospel-centered mission. In the same way that God lovingly pursues each one of us, we intentionally seek to share God's love with those who do not yet know Him, inviting them into a relationship with Jesus and His Church. Whether it's serving our neighbor next door, or traveling overseas to share the gospel, we don't stay put…we mobilize.


As our groups grow in size, we strategically divide and multiply to bring gospel-centered community to new places. This provides more opportunities for people to experience life-giving relationships that support faithful pursuit of God and the advancement of His kingdom.