Child Dedication

Why should I dedicate my child?

King’s Harbor Church celebrates Child Dedication because:

Child Dedications Are Biblically Founded 

The concept of dedication is found in scripture in both 1 Samuel 1 and in Luke 2. Hannah upon giving birth to her son Samuel, dedicated him to the Lord, entrusting him completely to God. Mary and Joseph presented the infant Jesus in the temple to dedicate Him to the Lord. In both instances, the parents demonstrated their recognition that their child belonged to God.

Child Dedications Do Not Imply or Ensure Salvation

Dedication does not imply or assure the child’s salvation. Rather, dedication exists for parents to publicly commit to raising the child in the fear of the Lord, in prayerful expectation that he or she will one day put his or her faith in Christ.

Child Dedications Focus on Christ

The Dedication is designed not to make much of the parents or the child, but rather to focus on Christ. By participating, parents are publicly declaring their need for Christ’s help, and the church is corporately praying that these children will one day love Christ above all things and agreeing to come alongside the parents.

Child Dedication Dates

Child Dedications will now be a part of our Church Celebration Sundays! 

Please contact Briana Schuetta at  if you are interested in dedicating your child(ren).