CM General Info

Child Dedication

King’s Harbor Church celebrates Child Dedication and we encourage parents to consider dedicating their children.  To learn more about Child Dedications, click here


Kids and Communion

Partaking in communion is a remembrance of what Christ did for us and a celebration of what we receive as a result of His sacrifice.  At King’s Harbor, our communion services are open to all present, including children.  

To learn more about when your child(ren) are ready to participate in communion, click here


Family Worship Weekends

King's Harbor Church greatly values the participation of children in corporate worship. Throughout the year, children in Kindergarten-5th grade will have the opportunity to join the adults in the sanctuary for an all-family celebration of worshipping God.

Click here to learn more about Family Worship weekends at King’s Harbor.


Our Curriculum

At King’s Harbor, we specifically select a curriculum that supports the spiritual growth of children and supports our mission of partnering with parents to exalt God to the next generation so children will know God and grow to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus in their hearts, homes and communities.  

To learn more about what your child(ren) are learning and how they can continue to learn during the week, click here