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Tortie Cat for Adoption

Our Aunt passed away recently and we took her cat in to find her another home. Rosie is a 7 year old Tortie. She is a very shy girl likes to spend her time hidden under covers a lot of the day but in the evening she is all over looking for attention, asking for a scratch behind the head, a rub along a back.

Rosie is very sweet, currently she has lost her best friend and owner and is in transition. Rosie will do best in a quiet home she can transition into and be a loving friend to someone. It seems that a quiet home where Rosie can be herself and visit on her schedule would be best. She is very loving when she is comfortable with you, but enjoys her down time.

Please email at if you’re interested in Rosie, or call us at 626 483-4009. We can email photos or you can come meet Rosie.

~ Karl Wagner