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Need a room to rent

I am looking for a furnished room to rent long term. Amenities: bed (full or twin), desk, chair, nightstand, closet, 1st floor/ground floor, Wi-Fi, need use of kitchen and bathroom, free laundry and parking on site, drinking water hot/cold. I like quiet areas with no drama. I can only afford $200 - $300 as I need to keep living costs down. Looking for rental in south bay area: Lomita, San Pedro, Harbor City, Carson, Gardena, Torrance, and Wilmington because I visit my mom a lot to help her. A little about myself: am a female in my early 50's: I am quiet, clean, pay on time, pass any background check no problem, keep to myself when I am at home, usually plugged into my laptop doing research, resting or watching my favorite shows. When I have spare time, I go to nursing homes to visit residents but for now with this virus, I call. Once in a while I do go out to have fun. I do not use illegal drugs or alcohol, and I seldom go to parties. I clean my area, when I use things; I clean them and put it back where I found them.

Please contact:

Eva Ho


Phone:  323-789-9904