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Mature Cats for Adoption

I am looking for a wonderful person (or family) to adopt my wonderful 12-year cats. Bonded Pair = Charlie (male) and Capri (female). Unfortunately, I am unable to afford the quality care they deserve. Charlie - he is strong, black and white(tuxedo) male cat who has the best personality, He is very vocal and affectionate. Essentially, he is a dog.

Capri (aka Mimi) - she is the sweetest and prettiest tortoise shell cat. She is really fun to play with. She has impressive skills.

They are healthy, well-trained, indoor cats. Great companions. I can provide their veterinary records. I rescued them when they were 6-weeks old, so I am looking for a wonderful person (family) who can give them a great home. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Cori Blair


Phone: 949-526-5685