Annie Chase

Groups Minister

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Growing up in Gardena, CA, Annie's family did not worship anywhere.  It was when her older sister started attending Gardena Valley Baptist Church that she began attending the youth group and at 13 years old gave her life to Christ.  During the next 10 years she would struggled and had one foot in world and one foot in the church.  It wasn't until her 20's while she was a camp counselor that she realized what Christ had done for her on the cross and at that time became a true believer and follower of Jesus.

In the summer of 2009 Annie and her family began attending KHC, and shortly thereafter came on staff as the assistant to the lead pastor.  Her current job responsibilities include assisting the lead pastor, outside events coordinator, administrative assistant for the South Bay gathering of pastors called Gatekeepers, and staff liaison for women's ministries.  Her favorite part about her job is the fact that she gets to be with people she loves and call it a job, with pay. :)

Annie currently lives in Gardena with her husband Evan.  They have 4 children, one granddaughter, 3 dogs, and one blind gecko lizard.  She loves fishing and family trips to Mammoth, creating succulent arrangements, finding a beautiful 4.5 sized shoe for cheap and her morning decaf vanilla latte. Her favorite verse is Eccl. 3:11 just because it sounds so beautifully poetic "...for He has set eternity in the hearts of men, for they cannot fathom what He has done for them from beginning to end..."

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